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Software Engineering


Software Engineering lies at the heart of computer science. It integrates the diverse disciplines of theoretical computer science, problem-solving, and programming into a unique and highly rewarding branch of engineering. The department’s program equips students with the ability to build realistic large-scale software systems, using the most advanced techniques and tools currently available.

Courses related to Software Engineering for undergraduates include CMPS 371 (Object-Oriented Programming); CMPS 378 (Software Engineering); CMPS 387 (Object-Oriented Design Patterns); CMPS 412 (Theory of Computing).

The Software Engineering Area of Emphasis for graduate students should include four of the following: CMPS 525 (Software Engineering: Development); CMPS 526 (Software Engineering: Control); CMPS 527 (Software Engineering: Management); CMPS 587 (Object-Oriented Design Patterns); CMPS 511 (Design & Analysis of Algorithms).

One of the faculty members in the Software Engineering program is Dr. Nigel Gwee. He recently won the Best Research Paper Award at the 3rd Annual Software Engineering & Applications (SEA) Conference held in Singapore, 2012, organized by the Global Science and Technology Forum.




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