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Interdisciplinary Option in Computational Science for the PhD Degree in Environmental Toxicology


The Department of Computer Science and the Department of Environmental Toxicology have come together to create the Computational Science option for the Masters in Environmental Toxicology.  The new option provides Environmental Toxicology graduate students with training in the areas of programming and data analytics.


The Computational Science option in the PhD program requires five computer science courses (15 credit hours).  Students are able to select from pre-existing computer science courses or from the six specially developed elective courses: Simulation and Modeling; Computational Science and Applications; High Performance Computing; Cloud Computing; and Big Data Computing.


PhD in Environmental Toxicology with concentration in Computational Science

Credit hours required: 56

Course credit hours: 40

Research credit hours: 16


Core courses (22 credit hours are required, 6 credit hours from computer science) 

ENTX 727/CMPS 500 Operating System  3
ENTX 701/CMPS 501 Programming Languages 3
ENTX 702 /CMPS 502 Computer Organization 3
ENTX 712/CMPS 512 Theory of Computing 3
CMPS 510/ENTX 710 Environmental Toxicology Seminar 1
CMPS 510/ENTX 721 Principles of Environmental Toxicology 4
CMPS 523/ENTX 723 Advanced Biochemistry 3
CMPS 525/ENTX 725 Biochemical and Molecular Toxicology 3
CMPS 531/ENTX 731 Animal Physiology 3
CMPS 544/ENTX 744 Risk Management 3
CMPS 557/ENTX 757 Bioinformatics 3
CMPS 537/ENTX737 Biochemical Methods 2


Computer Science and Toxicology Electives (18 credit hours are required, among the 15 credit hours 9 credit hours from natural sciences and 9 credit hours from computer science)

ENTX 707/CMPS 507 Scientific Computing  3
ENTX 720/CMPS 520 Data Base Management Systems  3
ENTX 756/CMPS 555 Data Mining  3
ENTX 792/CMPS 592 Advanced Topics in Computer Science  3
ENTX 758/CMPS 558 Simulation and Modeling   3
ENTX 759/CMPS 559 Computational Science and Applications (HPC, Distributed, Cloud)   3
ENTX 760/CMPS 560 Big Data   3
CMPS/BIOL 506 Biostatistics  3
CMPS 532/ENTX 732 Aquatic Toxicology  3
CMPS 536/ENTX 736 Special Topics in Toxicology  3
CMPS/CHEM 560 Toxic substances, Effects, and Controls  3
CMPS/PPOL 750 Environmental Regulations and Law  3
CMPS 552/ENTX 752 Advanced Human Nutrition  3
CMPS/ENTX 750 Organ systems Toxicology  3


Research Courses (16 credit hours are required)

ENTX799/CMPS 799 Research Practicum  6
ENTX 800/CMPS 800 Dissertation Research  9
ENTX 700/CMPS 600 Bioethics (qualifying exam only)  1
ENTX 825 Qualifying Exam  P/F
ENTX /CMPS 825 Departmental Exam P/F


For more information, please contact the Department of Computer Science or the Department of Environmental Toxicology.