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Yaser Banadaki

Assistant Professor

Ph.D.   Louisiana State University
Email:   This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Office:   Henry Thurman Jr. Hall
Phone:   225-771-3941

Fall 2017 Classes

Course Title
Course Number
Numerical Methods
407 TR 09:30-10:50 Henry Thurman Jr. Hall 204
Operating Systems 400 MWF 09:00-09:50 Henry Thurman Jr. Hall 207
Discrete Structure 200 MW 02:00-03:20

Henry Thurman Jr. Hall 204

Microcomputer Applications in Business 290 TR 08:00-09:20 Henry Thurman Jr. Hall 209


Office Hours

MWF:  03:30 pm -04:30 pm 
TR:      11:00 am – 12:00 pm



CMPS 200

CMPS 290

CMPS 400

CMPS 407

Research Interests:
  • Computational Modeling of Emerging Post-CMOS Technologies for Information Technology
  • High-Performance Sensor Devices and Networks: Smart Healthcare Monitoring and Internet of Things
  • Graphene and other Two-dimensional Materials for Nanoelectronic and Nanophotonic Devices
  • Memristor-based Artificial Neural Networks for Realtime Processing and Information Systems
  • Cyber Security in Computer Architectures: Identification and Classification of Hardware Trojans
  • Ph. D. in Electrical and Computer Engineering, Louisiana State University-Baton Rouge, 2016.
  • M. S. in Electrical and Computer Engineering, Louisiana State University-Baton Rouge, 2016.
  • M. S. in Electrical and Computer Engineering, National University of Iran, 2009.
  • B. S. in Electrical Engineering, Karaj University, 2006.
Research and Professional Experience
  • Assistant Professor, Department of Computer Science, Southern University, 08/2017 – present
  • Research Associate, Hearne Institute for Theoretical Physics, Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge, 05/2016 – present
  • Adjunct Assistant Professor, Electronics Engineering Technology, Louisiana State University-Baton Rouge, 01/2016 – 05/2017
  • Instructor and Teaching Assistant, Louisiana State University-Baton Rouge, 09/2012-12/2015.
  • R&D Electronics Engineer, Hooshmand Electronics Ltd, 07/2007-09/2011
  • Teaching Faculty, Islamic Azad University, 01/2007-05/2010


I.  Book Chapters

  • A. Srivastava, X. H. Liu and Y. M. Banadaki, “Overview of Carbon Nanotube Interconnects,” in Carbon Nanotubes for Interconnects: Process, Design and Applications, Edited by A. Todri-Sanial, J. Dijon and A. Maffucci, Springer, 2016, ISBN 978-3-319-29746-0.
  • A. Srivastava and Y. M. Banadaki, “Graphene transistors - present and beyond,” in Nano-CMOS and Post-CMOS Electronics: Devices and Modelling, Edited by S. P. Mohanty and A. Srivastava, The Institute of Engineering and Technology (IET), 2016, ISBN-10: 1849199973, ISBN-13: 978-1849199971.

II. Journal Papers

III. Conference Papers

IV. Media Recognition

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