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Undergraduate Admission Requirements


Students interested in pursuing a career in computer science must follow the admission policy of the department.

In order to be admitted to the computer science program, students must declare major as computer science. Also, a minimum of 17 credit hours and earned a “C” or better in each of the following courses, and pass the “Writing Proficiency” exam.
ENGL 110__Freshman Composition  
ENGL 111__ Freshman Composition
CMPS 110__Computer Science Seminar
CMPS 111__Computer Science Seminar II
CMPS 190__Modular Programming I                  
CMPS 191__Modular Programming II
MATH 264_Calculus I                                
Applicants who satisfy the above requirements, but have not adequately passed all courses, will be “Conditionally Admitted.” This action is contingent upon Applicants enrolling at the next opportunity in each missing course cited and earning a “C” or better within one year.

Transfer students from Southern University-New Orleans and Southern University-Shreveport must satisfy all criteria listed above for students transferring from the Junior Division.

Other transfer students must satisfy criteria above as well.

Before a student is accepted into the Department, that student must be accepted into the College of Sciences and Engineering. Contact the College of Sciences and Engineering for information regarding the College's requirements.


University Undergraduate Admission Requirements